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Who We Are

Velocity Leadership Consulting gives your leaders repeatable steps for success.

Our Coaching Method

Velocity takes a strength-based leadership approach to coaching. Our programs focus on drawing out and invigorating the unique and varied characteristic strengths of leadership teams and employees.

We work with our clients to identify their strengths and teach them repeatable methods on how to lean into these strengths to achieve success.

Once a process of improved performance is established, we use coaching to discover, develop and plan for future successes.

Our highly effective virtual sessions and seminars build teams and programs that thrive. Velocity Leadership offers virtual seminars, group or one-on-one coaching and full organizational alignment consulting services.

Our Purpose-Driven Mission:

Disrupting the Coaching Status Quo

Companies spend billions on leadership coaching every year and its impact is well-established. In fact, some studies report a return of investment of 500-800 percent on Executive Coaching.

But there is a gap in how we measure this impact.

Conversations about race and other dimensions of diversity are notably absent from industry analyses. This means that the subsequent insights, articles and publications based on those analyses implicitly pave a path to success that considers only the reality of a core, dominant culture.

In contrast, racial dynamics and cultural differences are top issues of concern for leaders of color, as these issues often have a direct impact on their experiences in the workplace and their ability to perform well.

As diversity initiatives thrive and more people of color move into executive and leadership positions, the less effective traditional “tried-and-true” programs will become.

At Velocity Leadership, we know that the most effective coaches push their clients beyond their comfort zones, and to engage in potentially uncomfortable, yet crucial conversations. These conversations can lead to break troughs in awareness and a powerful motivation to excel.

A Step Further

Velocity Leadership Consulting furthers this mission with its nonprofit arm, Coaching For Everyone, a 501(3)(c) that works to provide complimentary coaching and leadership services to traditionally under-resourced populations, particularly Black, Latinx and Indigenous young adults, K-12 educators, and nonprofit employees.

Our Leadership

J. Victor McGuire, Ph.D.

Victor McGuire, Ph.D., founder of Velocity Leadership Consulting, has over 30 years of leadership-development experience in K–12 institutions, higher education, and the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. After receiving his doctorate from Colorado State University, he held a range of university professorships for over 20 years. Victor is a popular keynote speaker and presenter at national and international conferences, and he has delivered over 100 keynotes and seminars to audiences around the world. As a Certified Facilitator, Victor has worked to transform and accelerate the work culture of countless organizations.

Leadership Training

With our 2-Day Leadership Seminar, One Person, Big Difference, we help your firm accelerate its leadership competencies at a rate that equals one year of work. That's one year of knowledge and skills training done in just two days! Plus, we support your success with our six week sustainability program.

Velocity Coaching

Need a custom program? We design coaching programs tailored to your organizations needs. We'll enable our culturally responsive coaches to get you the highest return on your investment and create meaningful and lasting results for both your company and your valuable employees.

Organizational Alignment Consulting

Are you one of the many firms that see the value in coordinating training and coaching into a unified solution? Would you like to create a culture of coaching and cultural awareness and scale it across the entire firm? Tap into our collection wisdom. We have consultants who have created internal and external coaching programs within Fortune 100 global enterprises.

Is your team ready to get started?

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