Executive Coaching

Diversify Your Coaching Team with Velocity Executive Coaching and Consulting (VECC)

Are you looking to enhance your coaching organization with a diverse team of skilled BIPOC professionals? 

VLCC is your ideal partner, whether you’re a small or large organization aiming to better serve your diverse clientele.

Why Choose VECC?

Quality and Expertise: Gain access to our extensive pool of certified BIPOC coaches, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich your coaching bench.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by leading organizations such as Lululemon, National Geographic, Facebook, Twitch, and Cisco.

Flexible Membership Options

Tailor your partnership with us through three distinct membership levels, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific coaching needs.

Support a Greater Cause

Your partnership contributes to ‘Coaching for Everyone,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to making coaching accessible to all.

Are you ready to transform your team?

Contact us directly at info@velocityleadership.consulting to explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

Velocity Executive Coaching and Consulting Membership Tiers

The Coaching Platform we will use is called Optify

Benefits of Optify include:

  • Tracking of all engagements including coachee, coachee, and sponsor access.
  • Secure messaging between coach and coachee.
  • Coach records issues addressed per session, leading to data on overall themes.
  • Standardized midpoint and endpoint coachee surveys resulting in robust feedback and ROI data.
  • In the future, coach selection can be done through the tool.
  • Can be used for scheduling and integrated with coach calendar.

    Other Benefits are as follows:

    • Onboarding and engagement of sponsors/org leaders
    • Support sponsors with communication and engagement of coachees as well as preparing people managers to support coachees
    • Quarterly/annual reporting on coaching themes and trends
    • Ongoing development recommendations

    Is your team ready to get started?

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