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We create programs that scale coaching for global enterprises.

Company Culture that Unlocks EVERYONE’S Potential

We work with your teams to coordinate all training and coaching initiatives into a unified solution that’s built into the foundation of your company. Starting with One Person, Big Difference, we use our Coaching Culture model to map out the steps to motivate stakeholders from the base to the top!

From developing an internal team of Managers and Directors trained in coaching methodologies built around your business needs, all the way to teaching your firm how to lever external coaches to keep your executive and leadership teams performing at their peak, we’ll help you create and implement a Culture of Coaching.

What is a Culture of Coaching?

It’s a way to get the most out of your training investment, for one. More specifically, it’s an organizational structure that is self-sustained. Coaching is a capability that drives other capabilities, which in turn drive business development (higher revenues!), skills improvement (top talent!) and stakeholder engagement (better CSAT metrics and less turnover!).

How It Works: Our Coaching Culture Model

Every. Voice. Heard.

While creating a Culture of Coaching is not a new concept, Velocity Leadership Consulting approaches the process with a critical difference: to eliminate unconscious bias, call out privilege and focus on making cultural awareness and responsiveness integral to the methods we teach.

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