Imagine spending two days in person (or virtual) with 25 other professional like-minded individuals where you get the opportunity to focus on what makes you feel strong and alive while obtaining a better understanding of how you can leverage those strengths to become a better co-worker, wife, husband, mother and father in general.

AND, if you choose to be followed up with six months of executive coaching by some of the business’s most talented and insightful coaches.

Welcome to One Person, Big Difference, an action-oriented, research-based, leadership/certification program for BIPOC professionals.

Next Training will take place wherever YOUR company is Located.
We will come to you!


Velocity Leadership Organizational Impact Coaching

What is Organizational Impact Coaching through Velocity?

Velocity Organizational Impact Coaching is a high-touch, focused approach to leadership development. Our team of highly experienced coaches and facilitators, supports individuals as they evolve. We create spaces, through thought-provoking dialogues, to support leaders who identify as BIPOC to discover their personal and professional potential.

When you partner with us, we provide an organizational roadmap that supports your team from ideation to implementation. Our streamlined process gets your team the support they need without getting stuck in the weeds.

We’ll provide support using four main components:


Organizational Leadership Assessment and Recommendation Report

Organizational Convenings and Meet-Ups focused on recommendations

1:1 Coaching for leaders who ID as BIPOC

Quarterly Step-Back and Progress Summary

Who benefits from coaching?

We think every leader benefits from deep introspection, accountability, and support. Velocity prioritizes senior leaders who identify as BIPOC. We get the best results when we work with leaders who are ready for transformation, change, and evolution.

From an organizational standpoint, institutions that understand the power of each human that works with and for their company and are ready to build new ways of working are ready to work with us.

When should we start coaching?

Yesterday! If you found us, you are likely sensing that something isn’t quite working for you and the organization. If you’re noticing your leaders are exhausted, team-wide creativity is waning, or staff retention is dipping, the root cause is likely connected to how the people in your organization are feeling. Velocity’s organization-wide coaching approach can help people feel more connected to themselves, their work, and legacies they aim to leave. This deeper connection to purpose will lead to the organizational progress you need to make a deeper impact on the world, fulfill your mission, and accomplish your goals.

How will your organization benefit from a sustained coaching program?

98% of the coaching clients that work with our team at Velocity report significant job improvement. When people feel safe and supported they are more likely to invest in others. As coaching becomes a practice that is infused across the entire organization you will notice increased levels of creativity, productivity, and fun (yes, it’s possible to have fun at work). This will propel the organization forward and make everything more easeful. As coaching becomes a “way of being” across the organization you’ll notice you spend less time in the weeds and more time envisioning new ways the organization can excel.

What our partners say…

“One insight was that I often knew the answers to solve my own issues but I may have not been willing to acknowledge them. I think I had a breakthrough with how I schedule my blocks of time for work and go about doing my work now that I’m fully remote. I feel like I’m now able to see myself as a leader and embrace my role as a teacher and mentor.”

– Lead Automation Engineer, Twitch

“The coaching helped me just pause and do a sanity check with someone who knew the right questions to ask. The peace of mind I had after the sessions are priceless.”

– Director at Cisco

Ideal Clients:

Our ideal client is a company that is ready to bolster its work through a coaching/leadership program. We can support between 35-40 people with up to 9 coaching sessions each. In addition, we provide advising support to the company coaching point of contact that is grounded in the data and themes we uncover through our surveys.

In addition to providing support to the leaders in your company, your investment supports leaders in need of coaching support in smaller companies. We take 15% of each engagement’s proceeds and donate it to Coaching for Everyone.Learn more about its work here.

Your Objectives

If your goal is to support the leadership of your BIPOC employees, increase productivity, improve engagement, while accelerating change, and fostering an environment of trust and continuous improvement?

Velocity Leadership Consulting/One Person Big Difference may be what you have been looking for.


One Person Big Difference offers a unique approach to leadership training, that will transform the way your BIPOC leaders, actually lead!

It is transformational and situational in nature. We focus on organizational and personal values that reframe, transform, and equip your leaders with tools that they can apply to leadership gaps and in any situation.


Velocity Leadership Consulting consists of a diverse team of seasoned coaches and facilitators. As predominately BIPOC coaches and facilitators, we center on Justice diversity, inclusion and belonging to the BIPOC experiences in all of our methods. We bring decades of leadership development and coaching experience to this training.

Building a culture of leadership, creating sustainable culture change, Identifying opportunities for growth and fostering internal inclusion is what one can expect.



Through coaching, training, and leadership development support we expedite organizational change by leveraging the power of the diversity within our cohorts.

Velocity Leadership Consulting begins from the knowledge that strong leaders build strong teams. We support your BIPOC employees in uncovering their unique strengths, guide them toward leading with those strengths, and help them enhance business results by operating more efficiently as a team.


Velocity Leadership Consulting supports your BIPOC individuals by:

Step One

Building leadership capacity during our two day- One Person Big Difference group seminar.
Our facilitators use a variety of methods to help participants grasp the process’s significance. Soon, participants become authentically invested in seeing and experiencing the implications of the tools in real time, laying the foundation for effective learning.

Step Two

To ensure sustainability of the experience, a deeper dive into the curriculum from the two-day training will be facilitated by small teams (3-5 people from the cohort) we call S.T.A.N.D. Teams (Sustainability Teams Achieving New Direction).
These teams will meet once a week and review the curriculum provided by Velocity. (*STAND teams are known to continue meeting long after the training and coaching are over.)

Step Three

If you choose to want coaching – 6 months of executive one-on-one coaching with some of the most insightful BIPOC coaches in the industry.


The One Person, Big Difference process builds on your employees greatest resource:

Their leadership potential. Using immediately applicable tools, the seminar fully engages leaders using their own momentum, creating dramatic and fast results. During the One Person, Big Difference leadership process, participants reflect, collaborate, and practice the skills to create positive, sustainable change. Through this seminar you will be equipped with tools and systems that will immediately impact your world as an BIPOC leader.

You will focus on YOUR objectives, while building accountability and communicating more effectively with colleagues, clients, and even your family and friends.

Then there is the Executive Coaching (if you choose to move forward)…

As executive coaching specialists and experts, we understand that our clients must be successful in the context of their organization’s success. With that context in mind, our process includes steps to ensure we understand the environment, the players, and the criteria for success. Our expectation is that our client is not alone in their development process, but rather they are supported by at least one organizational stakeholder who is willing to offer guidance and perspective as necessary and appropriate. Our process is flexible to ensure it is tailored to each client’s individual needs and situation.

Through the initial chemistry check, we establish the critical fit between the coach and the client. We solicit the client’s understanding of the goals and areas of focus for the coaching experience, and we agree on the duration and structure of the engagement.

Our Executive Coaching Experience includes:


6 months of coaching (12 sessions - 2 per month)


Individual Stand Out Assessment + Debrief


Review existing 360 Assessment (if applicable)


Individual Coaching Plan (ICP)


Curated articles and resources for continued learning

Is your team ready to get started?

From Our Clients

I had the pleasure of meeting Victor during a leadership training through my employer. We had a diverse group that was made up of staff throughout all departments of our large agency. Victor was able to create an inclusive environment to ensure that all opinions and perspectives were expressed and valued. He is captivating while sharing his past experiences and able to appropriately interject humor, seriousness, and bits of educational moments. Spending time with Victor is a great indicator of the passion he has to promote growth in others.

Whitney Bond
Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator,
Medical Services, Mental Health Center of Denver

Victor has a broad scope of resonance that allows him to connect quickly and deeply with any audience. His easy style, quick insight, and sense of humor makes the challenge of transformation enjoyable!

Angie Paccione, Director,
Colorado Department of Higher Education

From the moment Victor began leading our five day leadership retreat, I knew that he would change my outlook on life. Victor models the virtues of great leadership through wisdom, humor, poise and incredible story telling. During our five days together, he created a community where sharing and growth went hand in hand. He built a space where our strengths flourished both individually and as a group. Not one of us left his retreat unchanged, and I speak for us all when I say that Victor has left an indelible impact on our ability to be great leaders

Adam Becker, Owner,
StorySpring Consulting, LLC

Victor has a blend of unique qualities and skills as a professional coach, consultant, and trainer/facilitator. Whether one on one or with a team, his genuine style, and engaging approach makesit easy for people to come together and tackle their toughest issues; all the while having fun while doing so!

Lisa Marie Main, COO,

Training Schedule

Day One

StandOut Debrief

Before your arrival, you will be sent a link to take the Standout Assessment. During Day one we will debrief the results with the entire group. StandOut helps you find your edge and win at work, home and life. The StandOut assessment measures how well you match 9 Roles and reveals your primary Role and secondary Role. These top two Roles are the focal point of all your talents and skills. They represent your instinctive way of making a difference in the world.

Day Two

OPBD Curriculum

The One Person, Big Difference process helps leaders activate the Yes Principle, which we define as “the ability to inspire greatness through affirmation.”

We support business objectives with our curriculum by transforming emerging professionals into confident leaders while emphasizing the cultural norms of your organization.


The YES Principle draws on a leaders capacity to see themselves in stages of strengths. While affirming themselves and those around them.

The energy arrow

This concept supports leaders in shifting their focus from what is not happening to what can happen. By leveraging this tool, leaders can be highly productive and innovative, thus saving countless hours of dysfunction.

Relationship x 3

This concept discusses the importance of building sustainable relationships with oneself and the colleagues they work with. We explore the three components of relationship: being Real, Relevant and Ready.

3 F's of feedback

A concept equipping leaders in creating 1) awareness for providing feedback, and 2) guiding feedback that is Frank, Focused and Frequent.

Give Approach

Give it > Initiate it > Value who they are > Energize them

Magical Etch a Sketch

This concept is based on 5 key questions that allow leaders to exhale from a day at work, celebrate what went well, and be grateful for current relationships, and like an etch-a-sketch, turn it upside down,  give it a shake and get a clean palette for the evening at home. This is a tangible tool that helps leaders create work/life balance.

Environment for Change

A frame work for supporting change by considering two components of change from the perspective of others, and seeking their input at the appropriate time for ownership and alignment in change.

Six amazing steps to c.h.a.n.g.e.

1) Consider the Change you want to make 2) Honor your thoughts 3)Act with alacrity 4) Negotiate your plan 5) Galvanize your plan with confidence 6)Embrace stellar results

Peak Performance Process

This tool becomes instrumental for leaders to enter into challenging conversations. Leaders can leverage this powerful tool to initiate, build trust, and ownership. Key components

8 Principles of Listening

This tool enhances awareness around the art and craft of listening. Eight8 essential principles are examined. Are you listening for understanding or are you speaking to be heard?
Covid Safety and Guidelines

The safety of our entire One Person, Big Difference Community, and all participants is our priority. That’s why we are practicing and enforcing best practices for social engagement and cleanliness during our training.

While our host, (TBD), has implemented operational and cleaning standards at the resort, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we will also implement additional safety protocols during the retreat.

The following is required for entry to OPBD training upon arrival:

  • Proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of
    arrival. (Tests must be administered by an official testing center.
    Home testing kit results will not be accepted for entry.)
    Vaccine/negative COVID test checks will both occur upon arrival
    and prior to attending the training. Please head to
    registration/check-in upon arrival.


Touchless Registration: For your safety and convenience, you will experience a touchless registration when you arrive at the resort. Simply present your I.D., and our Velocity staff will take care of the rest.

Touchless Symptom Screening: Upon registration check-in, attendees will participate in a brief screening and have their temperatures checked via a touchless infrared thermometer.

Face Masks: If needed, face masks will be available for all participants. Color-Coded Social Engagement: We’ll give you the option to indicate with color-coded name tags how people physically interact with you during the training.

Reduced Room Capacity: We will reduce the room capacity of our training room to implement appropriate social distancing measures if need be.

During the training we request that you:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Honor the social distance seating that we will have in place
  • Plan to work from your workbook

If you have any further questions and or would like to discuss our safety
plan, simply send an email to and we will respond to your inquiry

What’s Included

You will receive the following:


Two Days, face to face, One Person Big Difference Leadership Training


All materials associated with training


Curriculum Materials for 4 weeks of S.T.A.N.D.


And a few other priceless surprises!

Lead Facilitator/Coaches


Victor has been in the leadership development space for 30 years with experience within a variety of sectors including secondary and higher education to high-tech companies, mental health nonprofits, and Fortune 100 businesses, and has worked effectively with a range of age groups from teenagers, to early- career young adults to senior executives.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Strengths Coach, Victor guides individuals in understanding their personal and professional strengths and leading them to achieving their fullest potential by leveraging those strengths.

With empathy, joyfulness, and passion, it is important to Victor to support individuals in functioning optimally in the workplace while fulfilling a sense of personal purpose and work/life balance.

In leading teams and organizations, it is integral to Victor that they align their practices with their organization’s mission and vision to achieve desired outcomes.

Early in Victor’s career, his initial path guided him to be a high school teacher, a school administrator, and a university professor at several universities. As a professor, he was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study history, politics, and educational systems in South Africa.

Recently, Victor founded the non-profit organization, Coaching for Everyone. Its mission is to offer complimentary coaching and leadership support to traditionally underserved and under-resourced Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations.

Victor is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and certified in various assessment tools such as The Marcus Buckingham Stand Out tool and The Leadership Circle assessment.

Victor received his doctorate from Colorado State University in Curriculum and Instruction, to be followed by a collective of university professorships for the next 20 years. Victor is experienced, as a keynote speaker at national/international conferences, and has authored books on education and leadership.

When not with clients, you can find Victor with his wife, and dog/Cooper strolling the beaches in sunny California.

David Hardy
David Hardy is Made By Change’s CEO and co-founder, a mission-driven social equity consultant firm. Made By Change is an organization that helps organizations move from hearts to habits to humans by creating spacing and action for lines of difference to change. While working at supporting organization culture, he has grown to find ways to create transformation for individuals. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with over 25 clients worldwide, helping leaders transform their approach to their personal and professional lives by intentionally examining who they are and who they want to be.

Throughout David’s life, it has been important for him and the people around him to find a way to live a fulfilled, human-centered life that empowers others to lead with kindness, find their greatness, and relentlessly explore how to make the world a better place with love.

This conviction has been with him since he stepped into a classroom as a teacher over 20 years ago. He spent the first 18 years of his career as an educator serving in every position, from a classroom teacher to becoming a school district superintendent. Under his leadership as Superintendent, Lorain City Schools received its highest performance marks in nearly a quarter-century. In addition, he led the district team that moved the school district from an F grade to a B grade in the Achievement Gap closing metric for the first time in school history. As a result, Superintendent Paolo DeMaria touted Lorain City Schools as being in the top ten percent of the fastest-improving school districts in the state of Ohio’s 646 school districts under David’s leadership. He took on this opportunity due to his work as Deputy Superintendent of Academics of St. Louis Public Schools, where he helped the district gain full academic accreditation for the first time in 15 years. After formally leaving K-12 education spaces, he stepped into the consulting and coaching world after being the Managing Partner and VP of People and Culture at Education Elements, where he developed their Educational Equity Service line.

David has also served on a Board of Trustees for Columbia College of Missouri and the academic committee. He is an alum of Colgate University, where he received his bachelor’s in economics, and Teachers’ College Columbia University, where he received his Master’s and is currently a dissertation away from his doctorate at Columbia University.

David and his wife, a graduate of Howard University, have two sons and a daughter, who is often the subject of David’s love for photography.

Shawna Wells
Shawna Wells is a seasoned executive coach. As Senior Vice President at the Pahara Institute, she coaches and advises leaders working toward transformational change in public education. Throughout her career, Shawna has worked with hundreds of executive leaders across the country to build management systems that honor and implement real diversity and inclusion solutions. A legacy-architect, Shawna is creating a new blueprint for Black families to live with intention. As the founder of Wells Coaching & Consulting, she helps Black Americans plan to live their dreams now and to pass those skills to generations to come.

Shawna is also an acclaimed author of children’s book B is for Black Brilliance and the founder and CEO of an organization by the same name dedicated to centering, uplifting and affirming narratives of Black creativity, innovation and genius.

She leads and lives with her purpose and passion, serving on the board of several organizations working to impact the lives of Black women, Black communities and Black students including The Highland Project, Teach for America Las Vegas, and The University of Vermont College of Education and Social Services.

With almost 20 years of experience as a devoted educator, Shawna understands firsthand just how deep the resource divide exists and impacts Black students.

She and her family are proud homeowners in Vermont – reclaiming their ancestors’ stories by owning land that will serve as a place of rest and refuge for Black families.

Shawna finds joy in gardening, cooking with her family, and laughing with friends.She promises to unapologetically create environments where clarity, possibility, and liberation are centered so that new opportunities for love, possibility, and change emerge.

(there will be two facilitators for each training)

Sabine Smith

Sabine Smith, founder of WordSmith Coaching LLC, is a certified Leadership, Career and Life Coach passionate about helping clients sharpen their metaphorical swords, so they can slay the self-sabotaging stories and limiting beliefs & behaviors preventing them from fulfilling their highest professional & personal aspirations.

Sabine brings over 20 years of experience leading global, strategic change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the Technology, Consulting & Financial Services industries. She understands the complexities of working in challenging business environments. As a Black woman, she is intimately familiar the singular experiences of women and people of color navigating corporations and skillfully holds space to explore the unique leadership challenges which arise. Working with clients across 4 continents, Sabine tackles topics like: career/life transition, imposter syndrome/feelings, work-life balance/integration, purpose / vision, leadership development.

Sabine draws from the Co-Active model of coaching, an industry gold standard and science- backed approach to enabling individual transformation. The model focuses on clients as whole people, with whole lives, that extend far beyond titles, roles and circumstances. Therefore, coaching conversations focus on empowering clients to confidently author and act on a vision for their life and work, that honors their values, aligns to their purpose, engages their passion, and stretches their capacity as leaders and humans.

When not working, Sabine can be found in her happy place – spending time with her husband of over 20 years, 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. There you’ll find them singing jazz standards during family karaoke night, dancing wildly to gospel & rock &roll, and belly laughing after a competitive game of tag.

Anne Wolf

PhD, Executive Coach

LinkedIn Profile

Anne is a leadership coach and a curious, compassionate strategist who works with individuals and organizations seeking to create transformation. She believes that cultivating a sense of deep belonging is the key to individual, organizational, and community well-being. With her coaching support, individuals and organizations can build alignment between their values, goals, and actions.

Anne’s work primarily centers around racial equity, community, leadership, and power. She has over a decade of experience navigating systemic change within the context of K-12 education, Higher Education, and at the nexus of community, local government, non-profit and private industry. She is committed to cultivating equity and belonging through empathetic and distributed leadership and believes deeply in the transformative power of coaching to that end.

Anne is also a member of the inaugural Coaching for Everyone Fellowship, a Co-Active trained coach, a certified strengths-based coach, and a Technology of Participation-trained facilitator. She received a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing Studies from the University of Minnesota, where her research focused on the role of embodiment and narrative in racial self-understanding.

Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker is an ICF certified executive coach, consultant, published author, entrepreneur, international speaker, United States Air Force veteran and tech product development enthusiast. He is committed to the acceleration, advancement and conscious evolution of the global human family. Michael enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and traveling. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with Ellen, his wife of 13 years.

Michael He specializes in supporting those who seek to align with their higher self for the purpose of carrying out their soul’s work on a global scale. Leaders coached by Michael cultivate and refine their leadership and teaming abilities, gain access to enhanced creative capacities, elevate their listening and communication skills to resolve conflict, and improve their ability to mentor and develop diverse organizational talent and future leaders.

Career Highlights

Michael is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Family Life Coaching Association. In 2021 Michael was ranked #2 out of the top 20 coaches in Tucson, Arizona by Influence Digest. He currently serves on the Board of the Unified Progress International (UPI) Loan Fund, Arizona’s only Black-led loan fund and economic development organization focused on providing affordable personal loans to marginalized communities in Arizona.

Sam Trenka
Sam is an accomplished professional who channels her experience and talent into powerful and impactful leadership coaching, facilitation and consulting. Sam has served as an executive leader in private and public companies. She is passionate about activating talent, growing and developing people into their fullest authentic expression and potential.
Clients repeatedly seek Sam out because of the memorable experience and the lasting results they achieve in their professional and personal lives. Sam has coached over 1000 leaders across the leadership spectrum and facilitated over 150 leadership programs across various industries, sectors and markets.
Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Education and a Juris Doctorate. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coach, a Board Certified Coach, and is certified in numerous coaching and facilitation methodologies and programs.
is an accomplished professional who channels her experience and talent into powerful and impactful leadership coaching, facilitation and consulting. Sam has served as an executive leader in private and public companies. She is passionate about activating talent, growing and developing people into their fullest authentic expression and potential.

Clients repeatedly seek Sam out because of the memorable experience and the lasting results they achieve in their professional and personal lives. Sam has coached over 1000 leaders across the leadership spectrum and facilitated over 150 leadership programs across various industries, sectors and markets.
Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Education and a Juris Doctorate. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coach, a Board Certified Coach, and is certified in numerous coaching and facilitation methodologies and programs.

Maris Segal
Maris Segal, collaborates, coaches, and consults with executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and rising leaders to identify and bring their professional, personal, and philanthropic vision to life. Combining her relationship marketing and mindset expertise with the power of head & heart leadership, Segal builds meaningful connections & impactful strategies that drive client success.

Working across twenty five countries, Maris has served a wide spectrum of local and global leaders, brands, and policymakers. From board rooms and classrooms to Harvard and the White House she and her business partner, husband Ken Ashby are also known for uniting diverse populations with innovative cross-cultural marketing and personal development programs that bring a creative voice to issues and causes.

As an executive and relationship leadership coach and trainer, Segal sets a path for every client to build high-performing businesses & elevate personal and professional leadership for maximum impact & a 360-degree thriving life! Maris and Ken have been featured authors in nine leadership books and recently completed a TEDx talk in NY. Maris lives by the philosophy that “We are all connected as human’s first and that’s where the bottom line begins.”

Angela Lopez

Angela Lopez is an intuitive leadership coach, life growth coach and facilitator who works with individuals and organizations seeking transformation.
Angela Lopez has been facilitating learning for decades in education, sports, and business environments. Angela is a natural leader who’s quickly advanced to leadership roles throughout her career, and she loves supporting emerging and new leaders, especially BIPOC, women and LGTBQ+ professionals who are stepping into a leadership role and want to intentionally design who they will be as a leader and how they will lead. Angela also loves serving experienced leaders who want to improve their leadership style, broaden their leadership influence, and deepen their impact as leaders.

Team building through strengths identification, values identification, and values alignment; Leadership influence; Wellness and Work-Life Balance; Healthy Boundaries are some of the topics of group coaching sessions that Angela offers, she also offers one on one coaching to support individuals who want to take a deeper dive into these areas.

Angela’s clients value her approach, her style is centered on the unique needs of each individual or organization to bring about greater overall satisfaction. Angela realizes that self-care is a critical component to everyone’s well-being and supportively encourages her clients to take appropriate risks and ask courageous questions. Partner with Angela to find greater satisfaction in all areas of life and to experience deep professional growth, manage stress more effectively, lead with increased presence, align health behaviors to life goals, improve emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and manage work-life balance more congruently.

When she’s not working, you can find Angela and her wife rowing on Vancouver Lake, exploring hiking trails or kayaking in the Columbia River Gorge, sitting in meditation, and generally cultivating their ideal life.

Karel Hilversum

Karel Hilversum is a sought-after professional coach and advisor with over 25 years of experience supporting hundreds of leaders in many of the world’s leading start-ups and fast-growing organizations. As a Latinx/Multiracial leader, Karel knows first-hand the complexities of being a BIPOC leader in predominantly White spaces. He has navigated the labyrinths of leadership many of you might be facing as a leader of color, and he gets you! Karel is an understanding and committed partner. His coaching sessions can be done in either English or Spanish.

As a personal coach, Karel listens from the heart and asks perspective-shifting questions to help increase your awareness and gain insights. He gently nudges you into identifying growth opportunities and learning edges and provides encouragement, tools, and conceptual distinctions along the way. Karel compassionately holds you accountable for your goals and helps you reflect upon your experiences, integrate the learning of your journey, and solidify your skills for future growth.

As an executive coach, he helps leaders at all levels understand the complexities of organizational life by decoding the intricacies of interpersonal and group dynamics in teams and sorting out human and organizational entanglements. Together you’ll explore congruencies between what organizations are expecting of you and your individual needs in order to find a meaningful, sustainable, and balanced work experience. He can also help you figure out your next career steps and establish a framework to assess the professional opportunities that come your way. Lastly, senior-level leaders benefit from using Karel as a sounding board for strategic thinking and leadership decision making.

Career Highlights

Karel has worked across multiple industries ranging from technology, manufacturing, finance, higher education, retail, transportation, law, consumer goods, venture capital, hospitality, and government. Client organizations include Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, NASA, Slack, Zoom, M12, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, American Express, Capital One, 3M, Boeing, Amgen, Qualcomm, Oracle, Toyota, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cornell University, Cornell Tech, Syracuse University, Hilton, and many more. At Cornell University, he oversees the Cornell Team and Leadership Center, where he teaches leadership to thousands of students every year and sits on multiple leadership advisory councils around campus.

He likes to climb high and explore deep. Karel is an accomplished mountaineer, having submitted high-altitude peaks in Africa, South, and North America. His most recent summits include Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341′) in Tanzania (the tallest summit in Africa) and Mt. Aconcagua (22,841’) in Argentina (the tallest peak in the Americas and the world’s tallest peak outside of Asia). He is also a recognized cave explorer participating in numerous caving expeditions around the world, including the world-renowned Lechuguilla Cave in NM, USA.

His career navigates the intersection of organizational leadership, adventure education, and diversity, equity, & inclusion with a particular focus on ways to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities and diverse groups in the outdoors. He holds an MS in Experiential Education and Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University at Mankato and is currently a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Karel considers himself an Itharican (an Ithaca-based Puerto Rican) and enjoys exploring his new identity. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering in Scouting, adventure travel, playing the guitar, and writing poetry. He lives in Ithaca, NY, with his wife Eva, son Koen, and dog Thea.

Velocity Leadership Consulting

is a partner with the non-profit organization Coaching for Everyone. Proceeds from One Person Big Difference support this mission. Coaching For Everyone’s mission is to improve the lives of traditionally underserved and under-resourced BIPOC populations through increased  access to high-impact coaching. We do this through two strategies that guide our work to improve the career trajectories and lives of our target population:

  1. Complimentary coaching and leadership support
  2. Coach training and certification


Coaching for Everyone

CFE envisions a world where everyone- regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background- can reap the benefits of coaching to excel in the workplace and in life. Coaching can help level the playing field for BIPOC individuals in the workplace, and give them the support they need for upward economic mobility. It can provide results as concrete as a job  promotion or new business, as well as self-confidence and personal communication skills.

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