Harnessing Individual Strengths to Cultivate a Thriving Culture

Welcome to one person big difference

Imagine spending two days in person with 25 other professional like-minded individuals where you get the opportunity to focus on what makes you feel strong and alive while obtaining a better understanding of how you can leverage those strengths to become a better co-worker, wife, husband, mother and father in general.

AND, if you choose to be followed up with six months of executive coaching by some of the business’s most talented and insightful coaches.

Welcome to One Person, Big Difference, an action-oriented, research-based, leadership program for BIPOC professionals.

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StarTUp at the Armory
(Towson University’s co-working space)
307 Washington Ave
Towson, MD 21204



August 14th & 15th @ 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (both days)



$2,500 per participant



Capped at 25 people per cohort!

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What our partners say…

“One insight was that I often knew the answers to solve my own issues but I may have not been willing to acknowledge them. I think I had a breakthrough with how I schedule my blocks of time for work and go about doing my work now that I’m fully remote. I feel like I’m now able to see myself as a leader and embrace my role as a teacher and mentor.”

– Lead Automation Engineer, Twitch

“The coaching helped me just pause and do a sanity check with someone who knew the right questions to ask. The peace of mind I had after the sessions are priceless.”

– Director at Cisco

Featured Partners

The One Person, Big Difference Advantage

If your goal is to support the leadership of your BIPOC employees, increase productivity, improve engagement, while accelerating change, and fostering an environment of trust and continuous improvement?

Velocity Leadership Consulting/One Person Big Difference may be what you have been looking for.


One Person Big Difference offers a unique approach to leadership training, that will transform the way your BIPOC leaders, actually lead!

It is transformational and situational in nature. We focus on organizational and personal values that reframe, transform, and equip your leaders with tools that they can apply to leadership gaps and in any situation.


Velocity Leadership Consulting consists of a diverse team of seasoned coaches and facilitators. As predominately BIPOC coaches and facilitators, we center on Justice diversity, inclusion and belonging to the BIPOC experiences in all of our methods.

We bring decades of leadership development and coaching experience to this training.



Through coaching, training, and leadership development support we expedite organizational change by leveraging the power of the diversity within our cohorts.

Velocity Leadership Consulting begins from the knowledge that strong leaders build strong teams. We support your BIPOC employees in uncovering their unique strengths, guide them toward leading with those strengths, and help them enhance business results by operating more efficiently as a team.


Velocity Leadership Consulting supports your BIPOC individuals by:

Step One

Building leadership capacity during our two day- One Person Big Difference group seminar.
Our facilitators use a variety of methods to help participants grasp the process’s significance. Soon, participants become authentically invested in seeing and experiencing the implications of the tools in real time, laying the foundation for effective learning.

Step Two

To ensure sustainability of the experience, a deeper dive into the curriculum from the two-day training will be facilitated by small teams (3-5 people from the cohort) we call S.T.A.N.D. Teams (Sustainability Teams Achieving New Direction).
These teams will meet once a week and review the curriculum provided by Velocity. (*STAND teams are known to continue meeting long after the training and coaching are over.)

Step Three

Access to Executive Coaching (for an additional fee) – we offer 6 months of executive one-on-one coaching with some of the most insightful BIPOC coaches in the industry.


The One Person, Big Difference process builds on your employees greatest resource:

Their leadership potential. Using immediately applicable tools, the seminar fully engages leaders using their own momentum, creating dramatic and fast results. During the One Person, Big Difference leadership process, participants reflect, collaborate, and practice the skills to create positive, sustainable change. Through this seminar you will be equipped with tools and systems that will immediately impact your world as an BIPOC leader.

You will focus on YOUR objectives, while building accountability and communicating more effectively with colleagues, clients, and even your family and friends.

We offer 6 months of executive one-on-one coaching (for an additional fee) with some of the most insightful BIPOC coaches in the industry.

Our Executive Coaching Experience includes:


6 months of coaching (12 sessions - 2 per month)


Individual Stand Out Assessment + Debrief


Review existing 360 Assessment (if applicable)


Individual Coaching Plan (ICP)


Curated articles and resources for continued learning

From Our Clients

I had the pleasure of meeting Victor during a leadership training through my employer. We had a diverse group that was made up of staff throughout all departments of our large agency. Victor was able to create an inclusive environment to ensure that all opinions and perspectives were expressed and valued. He is captivating while sharing his past experiences and able to appropriately interject humor, seriousness, and bits of educational moments. Spending time with Victor is a great indicator of the passion he has to promote growth in others.

Whitney Bond
Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator,
Medical Services, Mental Health Center of Denver

Victor has a broad scope of resonance that allows him to connect quickly and deeply with any audience. His easy style, quick insight, and sense of humor makes the challenge of transformation enjoyable!

Angie Paccione, Director,
Colorado Department of Higher Education

From the moment Victor began leading our five day leadership retreat, I knew that he would change my outlook on life. Victor models the virtues of great leadership through wisdom, humor, poise and incredible story telling. During our five days together, he created a community where sharing and growth went hand in hand. He built a space where our strengths flourished both individually and as a group. Not one of us left his retreat unchanged, and I speak for us all when I say that Victor has left an indelible impact on our ability to be great leaders

Adam Becker, Owner,
StorySpring Consulting, LLC

Victor has a blend of unique qualities and skills as a professional coach, consultant, and trainer/facilitator. Whether one on one or with a team, his genuine style, and engaging approach makesit easy for people to come together and tackle their toughest issues; all the while having fun while doing so!

Lisa Marie Main, COO,

Ready to get started?

Training Schedule

Day One

StandOut Debrief

Before your arrival, you will be sent a link to take the Standout Assessment. During Day one we will debrief the results with the entire group. StandOut helps you find your edge and win at work, home and life. The StandOut assessment measures how well you match 9 Roles and reveals your primary Role and secondary Role. These top two Roles are the focal point of all your talents and skills. They represent your instinctive way of making a difference in the world.


Day Two

OPBD Curriculum

The One Person, Big Difference process helps leaders activate the Yes Principle, which we define as “the ability to inspire greatness through affirmation.”

We support business objectives with our curriculum by transforming emerging professionals into confident leaders while emphasizing the cultural norms of your organization.


YES Principle

The YES Principle draws on a leaders capacity to see themselves in stages of strengths. While affirming themselves and those around them.

The Energy Arrow

This concept supports leaders in shifting their focus from what is not happening to what can happen. By leveraging this tool, leaders can be highly productive and innovative, thus saving countless hours of dysfunction.


This concept discusses the importance of building sustainable relationships with oneself and the colleagues they work with. We explore the three components of relationship: being Real, Relevant and Ready.

3 F’s of Feedback

A concept equipping leaders in creating 1) awareness for providing feedback, and 2) guiding feedback that is Frank, Focused and Frequent.

Give Approach

Give it > Initiate it > Value who they are > Energize them

Magical Etch-a-Sketch

This concept is based on 5 key questions that allow leaders to exhale from a day at work, celebrate what went well, and be grateful for current relationships, and like an etch-a-sketch, turn it upside down,  give it a shake and get a clean palette for the evening at home. This is a tangible tool that helps leaders create work/life balance.

Environment For Change

A frame work for supporting change by considering two components of change from the perspective of others, and seeking their input at the appropriate time for ownership and alignment in change.

Six amazing steps to c.h.a.n.g.e.

1) Consider the Change you want to make 2) Honor your thoughts 3)Act with alacrity 4) Negotiate your plan 5) Galvanize your plan with confidence 6)Embrace stellar results

Peak Performance Process

This tool becomes instrumental for leaders to enter into challenging conversations. Leaders can leverage this powerful tool to initiate, build trust, and ownership. Key components

8 Principles of Listening

This tool enhances awareness around the art and craft of listening. Eight8 essential principles are examined. Are you listening for understanding or are you speaking to be heard?


Lead Facilitator/Coaches


Victor has been in the leadership development space for 30 years with experience within a variety of sectors including secondary and higher education to high-tech companies, mental health nonprofits, and Fortune 100 businesses, and has worked effectively with a range of age groups from teenagers, to early- career young adults to senior executives.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Strengths Coach, Victor guides individuals in understanding their personal and professional strengths and leading them to achieving their fullest potential by leveraging those strengths.

With empathy, joyfulness, and passion, it is important to Victor to support individuals in functioning optimally in the workplace while fulfilling a sense of personal purpose and work/life balance.

In leading teams and organizations, it is integral to Victor that they align their practices with their organization’s mission and vision to achieve desired outcomes.

Early in Victor’s career, his initial path guided him to be a high school teacher, a school administrator, and a university professor at several universities. As a professor, he was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study history, politics, and educational systems in South Africa.

Recently, Victor founded the non-profit organization, Coaching for Everyone. Its mission is to offer complimentary coaching and leadership support to traditionally underserved and under-resourced Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations.

Victor is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and certified in various assessment tools such as The Marcus Buckingham Stand Out tool and The Leadership Circle assessment.

Victor received his doctorate from Colorado State University in Curriculum and Instruction, to be followed by a collective of university professorships for the next 20 years. Victor is experienced, as a keynote speaker at national/international conferences, and has authored books on education and leadership.

When not with clients, you can find Victor with his wife, and dog/Cooper strolling the beaches in sunny California.

Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson is an ICF certified Executive Coach with a dynamic career spanning non-profit, higher education, digital consulting, due diligence/investigations, career advising, healthcare, and her own coaching practice. She’s had the privilege of working with a diverse range of international clients, from high school students to senior-level executives. Her focus areas include financial literacy, career transition, leadership and leading change. Her leadership style draws inspiration from design research, non-violent communication, and creative play. In addition to holding a degree in Hispanic Studies and East Asian Studies from Brown University, Michelle also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Michigan. As a U.S. Fulbright Student Program alumna, she brings a global perspective to all of her interactions and engagements.  

(there will be two facilitators for each training)

Velocity Leadership Consulting

is a partner with the non-profit organization Coaching for Everyone. We take 15% of each engagement’s proceeds and donate it to Coaching for Everyone. Learn more about its work here. Coaching For Everyone’s mission is to improve the lives of traditionally underserved and under-resourced BIPOC populations through increased  access to high-impact coaching. We do this through two strategies that guide our work to improve the career trajectories and lives of our target population:

  1. Complimentary coaching and leadership support
  2. Coach training and certification


Coaching for Everyone

CFE envisions a world where everyone- regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background- can reap the benefits of coaching to excel in the workplace and in life. Coaching can help level the playing field for BIPOC individuals in the workplace, and give them the support they need for upward economic mobility. It can provide results as concrete as a job  promotion or new business, as well as self-confidence and personal communication skills.

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Pre-Registration Details



StarTUp at the Armory
(Towson University’s co-working space)
307 Washington Ave
Towson, MD 21204



August 14th & 15th @ 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (both days)



$2,500 per participant



Capped at 25 people per cohort!

Pre-Register Now

Interested in hosting One Person, Big Difference in your region?

We will come to you.


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