One Person, Big Difference

A Two-Day Leadership Seminar for Emerging Leaders of Color

The Big Promise

Give us two days and we’ll give you one year in return.

Your leadership team will emerge from our 2-Day seminar having developed their leadership competencies at a rate of one year. We back this promise up with our six week sustainability program.

OPBD Program Objectives, 2-Day 25-50 Person Seminar

What OPBD Does:


Develop exceptional leadership competence


Obtain a higher level of staff awareness


Create a culture of more effective communication and collaboration


Develop forward-thinking mindsets


Develop healthy work/life balance

Who It’s For

One Person, Big Difference is for anyone who is looking to increase the leadership bandwidth of their BIPOC employees.

The OPBD Program is for companies that are…



To creating a more inspired and fulfilled environment


To immediately improve employee leadership skills and personal performance



To meet the day-to-day challenges that exist for BIPOC individuals.

This transformative program equips your employees with effective tools and systems that, when used, will have an immediate, positive impact on their performance and progress as an emerging leader. Participants learn to focus on prioritizing the right objectives to begin building accountability. This will enable them to start communicating more effectively with juniors, colleagues and clients.

How It Works

The One Person, Big Difference (OPBD) leadership program builds on your greatest resource: the leadership potential within your employees and their teams. Using immediately applicable tools, the One Person, Big Difference program fully engages leaders by having them tap into their own intuition. We then guide and support them on using this intuition to create objectives for stated goals, initiatives and projects.

We teach leaders how to be better aware of their resources and how to become forward thinkers. The immediate results that are possible with our approach build a high enthusiasm for work. How? Through better collaboration and cooperation, less time spent dealing with miscommunication, higher quality output and higher team confidence (and that’s just a few examples!)

Our follow up sustainability program offers support and accountability while your employees learn to use these new tools. The career growth that your leaders can unlock and the ability to apply these principles to their personal lives and get similar, positive results not only embeds these development tools in their leadership styles but continuously re-invests itself in their work performance. The program works because it helps them make their lives better, both professionally and personally.

Sustainability in Community

Community is the foundation for sustaining the skills gained from One Person, Big Difference. After completing the seminar, each participant joins a STAND team (Sustainability Teams Activating a New Direction) and meets with their team weekly for mutual support and sustained growth.

Our six-week sustainability process has been referred to as “life changing” by program participants for work and for home.

Is your team ready to get started?

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